yet another iPC mod

Posted by: TCPMeta

yet another iPC mod - 09/27/05 04:39 AM

Well I gave my fiancee a laptop and it died on her. The LCD doesn't want to stay open and the battery doesn't hold a charge. I striped it doen lastnight and the started to think. I can turn this into a desktop. I compaired the LCD to the SL iMac case I have left over and it fits. Surprize surprize the idea for my own iPC was born. This sucker will be extra light weight since it's just a laptop lol. Heres the specs.

Pentium 3 600MHz
512MB Ram
20GB hard drive.
16x DVD.
S3 video 8MB.
AC'97 Realtech codec sound.

This will be fun and helpful for my classic game lan partys.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:yet another iPC mod - 09/27/05 12:37 PM

nice, take us some pics, and maybe a mod guide :P
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:yet another iPC mod - 09/27/05 02:23 PM

Well im off for the next two days so i'll have time.