panther on G3 B&W Powermac

Posted by: destructospin

panther on G3 B&W Powermac - 08/10/05 12:47 PM

my landlord's got a Powermac G3 B&W with dual boot OS 10.0.0 and OS 9.2
since it does not have a DVD drive, we tried to install panther from the dvd inside
my ibook using Firewire mode.
the G3 recognized the install disc when in OS X, and when i clicked on Install OSX
and Bunded Software, the screen asking me to restart prior to the installation came up.
when i restarted, it booted into OS 9, and continues to do so
what do i gotta do to install panther on this mofo?
any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!
Posted by: Draconis

Re:panther on G3 B&W Powermac - 08/10/05 01:23 PM

I don't have a lot of experince with OS 9 but i think i know how to get it booting into OSX again. In OS 9 go to the apple in the top left of your screen and click it. I belive you then click on extensions from the menu (not entirely sure. could be something else.) and go to Chooser. If it's not under extentions i know it's somewhere in that apple menu. Then select OSX and click restart. As for installing OSX try booting the Powermac in Firewire mode and then use the ibook to install it. I'm not sure if 10.0 can do firewire mode though.

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:panther on G3 B&W Powermac - 08/10/05 01:44 PM

Draconis - the way to switch startup disks from OS 9 is a control panel called "Startup Disk" (Cunning that). Under normal circumstances, the control panels folder is usually listed under the Apple menu.
I suspect however that Destructospin is more interested in getting the B&W to recognise the external DVDROM and boot from it. Not 100% sure this is possible, but you might try booting the G3 with the option key held down. This will boot any modern Mac into whats called the startup manager, and will give you a choice of all the available boot volumes. Available volumes will be represented by a square icon each (either a HD or CD), and there are two arrows, one at each end of the volume 'list'. The curved arrow will rescan the bus, the straight one will boot from the highlighted volume. Just click to highlight the one you want. I am not certain the B&W is new enought to support this feature, but it should do.

The B&W was the first ever Mac with firewire on board, sadly it is also the only firewire-equipped Mac which doesn't support firewire target mode.

DVD-ROM drives are quite cheap second hand you know. Or perhaps you can find someone with a CD copy of Panther. Much simpler.
Posted by: destructospin

Re:panther on G3 B&W Powermac - 08/10/05 01:57 PM

im trying to find someone with panther on cd, its tough not having mac friends
i will look into the opt key at start up, we'll see if it works!
neither of us have any money, so we're trying to do this without making purchases
thanks for your time, ill post as more develops!
Posted by: Jias

Re:panther on G3 B&W Powermac - 08/10/05 02:48 PM

Yeah, the Option key should work.

[*]Target mode your iBook, with the DVD inside, and attatch it via Firewire.
[*]Restart the B&W
[*]Hold down Option during startup
[*]Enter the Firmware password if there is one (it'll bring up a little text box if there is)
[*]Click on the disc you want it you start from (in your case the DVD)
[*]Installer should run normally

Should be pretty simple if everything is as it should be.
Posted by: burtman

Re:panther on G3 B&W Powermac - 08/10/05 03:47 PM

I got this working, albeit with tiger not panther on a G3 500 iMac booting from DVD drive on my ibook the other day so it is possible! All we ended up doing was booting the iMac up holding down the 'c' key on the keyboard...
Posted by: destructospin

Re:panther on G3 B&W Powermac - 08/10/05 04:52 PM

i tried booting to cd on the B&W using the C key, didnt work
i get a chance on friday to see if the opt key will work, though
thanks everyone, it means a lot!