handspring visor-remote for itunes

Posted by: peacefrog226

handspring visor-remote for itunes - 08/07/05 09:58 PM

Hi, im a long time moder and macmod reader, but a first time poster

I have a handspring visor thats been collecting dust.

I wanted t know if I could use it with a verison of vnc to contol my mac from across the room for itunes and stuff.

can this be done?

what do i need?

thanks alot


Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:handspring visor-remote for itunes - 08/07/05 10:12 PM

peacefrog, welcome to macmod. We are very glad that you like the site. :woohoo:

I got a link for ya, hope this helps...


Hope to see more of you around here.

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Posted by: peacefrog226

Re:handspring visor-remote for itunes - 08/07/05 10:39 PM


this will be easy

but now i need to find a wifi card!!

Posted by: whitlock

Re:handspring visor-remote for itunes - 08/07/05 10:59 PM

It didn't say what version of the Palm OS it ran under, so I installed it on my Treo 300 (3.52h) which is only a modification to the same OS that ran on the Visor Prism (which I had for over a year brand new and loved to death). I installed it, regardless if it was compatable or not. Results:

[*]Opens under 3.52h6.2
[*]Program darks out screen then finally loads
[*]Had to install OSXvnc 1.5
[*]Setup port forwards in router
[*]Typed in my IP address
[*]Works just fine using a 3.1/3.5 Palm OS, though slow as heck

P.S. this experiment probably cost me a couple bucks to log in through Sprints network.
Posted by: burtman

Re:handspring visor-remote for itunes - 08/08/05 04:46 AM

If you just need itunes control,there is a program called patioTunes which allows you to control itunes via a web interface from any computer on your network (or off if you set up port forwarding on your router) its had its interface opermised for palm as well.Another option is a bluetooth connection using salling clicker, if you have bluetooth on your device and arn't going to far away from the computer, its also got quite a lot of customisation options if you know any apple script.


Salling clicker

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Posted by: mordaskyt

Re:handspring visor-remote for itunes - 08/08/05 06:04 AM

I had an old IR wireless keyboard that I used to controll itunes, I plugged in the reciever from the keyboard into the mac and then taught my universal remote the basic key fucntions for iTunes (space bar, tab, arrow keys, etc.) It worked great. the palm's IR port can act as a universal remote already so you would be good to go.

It was called MacAirKey, here is one in eBay:


This was the ADB one, you would have to do your homework to see if it will work under OSX with an adaptor.