RAID 5 done cheaply?

Posted by: Grady

RAID 5 done cheaply? - 08/07/05 11:23 AM

RAID level 5 has always looked to me to be a great way to operate... fast and totally secure, right? I'm using a 7200 rpm ATA drive in my G4 DA that I just upgraded with a 933 QS processor. The DA that I bought on eBay several years ago came with an Adaptec
39160 scsi card that I use to address a 35G scsi drive that I use for clipart storage (I'm a screenprinter)... but the prices of 10K scsi drives and enclosures look to be pretty low on eBay now. Where could I find info about what it would take to put together an external 5-drive array... I'd need a "raid card", right? Or is this whole project really not going to make as much difference to me as I am imagining it would? Thanks for your help.