LCD software?

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LCD software? - 07/19/05 01:17 AM

I was looking at a LCD monitor (probably from CrystalFontz) to replace the 3.5" ZIP drive in my Sawtooth. I'm using this computer as mp3 player/tivo/dvd player in my living room, and I was hoping to use the LCD to display things like song title/time, chapter #/movie time, that sort of thing.
However my search for a program that would properly communicate with the LCD and the Mac had come up with zilch.
Has anyone heard of a program that would do any of the things I'm wanting to do?

I'd program it myself...but I've never programmed a day in my life.
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Re:LCD software? - 07/19/05 01:30 AM

have you had a look at tutangeek's mod guide. He has done the exact same thing basically and he made a very nice mod guide for people looking to do the same. See, arn't mod guides great. Everyone should make one for their mods whistle
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Re:LCD software? - 07/19/05 08:08 AM

what os are you running?
If you're on linux, make sure that you compile the kernel module for the Serial->USB board that they use, I don't think that it's included with most standard kernels.
I don't think that you'll get one to work on the mac.

Edit - Also check out
Maybe at some point they will include the LCD support themselves. Doesn't seem like they've made much progress at all lately though :-/

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Re:LCD software? - 07/19/05 11:59 AM

I've actually read that one before and am thinking of doing the same with an old Wallstreet I have.

However I was kind of hoping to use Mac OS X on this machine so I could use iTunes. I suppose I could try Unbutu (pardon my spelling) in it, I'm just now starting to use linux and have been curious about it.
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Re:LCD software? - 07/19/05 01:23 PM

Ever since Apple released iTunes for Windows, I've wondered why they never released a Linux version. I guess they don't want to release the source and they don't want to support all the different flavours of Linux. I also guess that by not doing a Linux version, they are giving people one more reason to pick OS X if you're going to switch from Windows.
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Re:LCD software? - 07/19/05 02:44 PM

I am an old linux hac but new to mac, so bear with me on this... if you find the linux code to run your lcd it should run in unix based OS X if you re-compile it. :S Right? or am I as crazy as my wife thinks I am... :woohoo:

If so you could start with this: and modify it to suit your needs

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Re:LCD software? - 07/19/05 04:56 PM

anil8tor wrote:
if you find the linux code to run your lcd it should run in unix based OS X if you re-compile it.

you assume that it's written to be compiled without any modification on a machine running a completely different operating system, on a completely different platform. mac os x is not linux.

i should think that if it were easilly done, it would already be in fink, and it isn't.
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Re:LCD software? - 07/19/05 06:14 PM

Ok, my bad.
I guess I spent too much time on the Apple Darwin site. Where they discuss the unix core of OS X. As I said this is all new to me, and unix and linux are so close I guess I lept to conclusions I should not have...perhaps I should read more and post less frown
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Re:LCD software? - 07/19/05 10:20 PM

Sorry if I came off rude, it turns out that it's not a smart thing to post right after waking up from a huge 4 hours of sleep smile
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Re:LCD software? - 08/07/05 07:37 PM

I too have found nothing in terms of software. So I did some searching and foundthis website. It seems like he is somewhat close to solving this problem.