Nintendo GameCube

Posted by: maclover1986

Nintendo GameCube - 05/22/05 10:29 AM

Is there anybody out there that owns a Nintendo GameCube?

If there is, and you would like to play Game Boy Advance games, you should consider the Game Boy Player attachment.

To install it, remove any cover plates on the bottom of the GameCube, and simply drop the bottom onto the Game Boy Player.

I would strongly recommend the Game Boy Player over any competitors that offer a lower price, like, the GamePort Advance, by Datel, Inc. The GamePort costs about $35.00 US Dollars, and the GBP costs approximately $40.00 US Dollars. Even though one is more expensive than the other, you can do a heck of a lot more with the more expensive attachment. For instance, you can use the Game Boy Advance as a controller, be linked up with another Game Boy, use the E-reader (a card scanner for the GBA), and other things that the GamePort cannot do.

The Game boy Player is definitely worth every little bit your money, so pick one up. Even though I don't own one, I strongly recommend it. Plus, it has the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality, which the competitors lack.

You'll be glad you bought one.

Happy Gaming,