imac sharing screen with PC

Posted by: ChrisSosa

imac sharing screen with PC - 05/04/05 05:30 PM

I'm trying to figure out a way for my G4 400 iMac to share it's screen with my PC. I was hoping for using a KVM switch but appearantly there's NO way todo that.

So what about inputing the PC video via USB to my mac?

Any ideas?
Posted by: maclover1986

Re:imac sharing screen with PC - 05/04/05 06:37 PM

Hey chris,

You might be able to pull off inputting PC video to your iMac. If there is an S-Video port or composite plug (RCA), you could use a Dazzle video dongle, just like someone suggested I use that when importing video from my Kodak digital camera.


PS: Speaking of video, if there is anyone interested in buying an adapter from me let me know, or I'll have to sell it locally. What it does is let you use an older Apple monitor on your PC, or on a VGA-equipped Macintosh, like the 2gen iMacs, Blue/White G3, All G4s... Like i said, ANY Macintosh that is equipped with VGA/SVGA video. I want $18.00 US Dollars for it. That's all. That would also be enough to buy an adapter that works in reverse of what I described:
Lets you use a PC monitor on your older Apple Computer.

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Posted by: burtman

Re:imac sharing screen with PC - 05/05/05 07:28 AM

you could use Remote Desktop to your PC across a network connection (assuming its windows XP), it wont work with games etc, but its ok if you need the pc for occasional Apps and do most of the main work on your mac.