22->20pin PSU rewire guide..

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22->20pin PSU rewire guide.. - 02/20/05 02:34 PM

Hello all,
I am new here and have been lurking around a bit and found this to be a seemingly friendly and informative site. I used to long ago be a PC modder and since becoming a mac head have had no interest in playing with the guts of my machine. Well my PSU burnt out the other day and I am now ready to take my soldering iron to task...:) I have been looking high and lo for a guide to attach a ATX PSU to a G4(DA) I am assuming the only differece here is the motherboard connections? Any help or links to help would be greatly appreciated. After getting my box goin again I plan to overclock. I am getting excited about tinkering with my mac.


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Re:22->20pin PSU rewire guide.. - 02/20/05 04:42 PM

this seems to be a popular subject lately. Maybe you will have a look at this thread as well.


In another thread for an imac there was a diagram which I am not sure will provide you with the right information, but you can take a look at it here.

I will keep my eyes peeled.
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Re:22->20pin PSU rewire guide.. - 02/20/05 05:49 PM

thanks .... I will take a look
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Re:22->20pin PSU rewire guide.. - 02/20/05 09:49 PM

So while searcching around for a wiring shart I stumbled upn the following post:


I tried resetting the PMU button as described above and ouila!!! Feeling good I went ahead and overclocked my 733 to 1ghz as described here:


I booted up and was feeling great!!!! BUT.... after about 10 mins and a couple of open apps she hung....DAMN!!! Now I really had to do some soldering...I bumped back one jumper to 933 and everything is still going well.....So I am feeling great again!!! So it seems that I don't need that power supply info after all..
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Re:22->20pin PSU rewire guide.. - 02/21/05 09:24 AM