iMac/PowerBook Upgrade

Posted by: KnifeLord

iMac/PowerBook Upgrade - 01/30/05 06:34 PM

Finaly I found some time for a one day mod... so I used the spare parts from my sister's laptop mod thinggy... and upgraded my old iMac G3 (first type... green) I was very supprized that it takes the same RAM as the Powerbook G4 Ti... COOL! So I removed the 32 MB stick of ram, and put in a 128 MB stick. Then I removed the old CD drive (slide out style) and put in a slot drive. Put the whole thing back together, and relized that a slot drive looks REALLY BAD without some sort of cover.... So I stole a hinge off of a plastic box, spent 3 hrs cuting, filing and getting mad at the stupid computer for having to be so hard to file... then I installed the hinge and put the cover off of the old CD drive back over the casing... Looks just like new with a tiny piece of plastic at the bottom of the cd drive... Finally I installed 10.2 on the massively big hard drive (almost as big as my old 5GB iPod!!! but not quite...) and rand software update... YAY the computer is faster/better/and can play DVD's... I doubt I will have time to showcase the mod... but its mainly a hardware mod anyway...

Posted by: whitlock

Re:iMac/PowerBook Upgrade - 01/30/05 06:41 PM

Sounds like a really cool mod. Atleast post up the info on the tray load to slot load conversion. I'm pretty sure there are a few people that would like to know how you did the bezel.

Posted by: KnifeLord

Re:iMac/PowerBook Upgrade - 01/30/05 06:48 PM

Alrighty... But the pictures will have to wait for another week or so... Still in highschool... *Sigh*

Posted by: krusher117

Re:iMac/PowerBook Upgrade - 01/30/05 10:48 PM

doesn't being in high school mean you have no worries and lots of free time? Oh wait, thats when you get into the real world :unsure: No that wasn't sarcasm!
Posted by: whitlock

Re:iMac/PowerBook Upgrade - 01/31/05 12:27 AM

Well, I wonder what Napoleon thinks about high school...
Posted by: Josh K

Re:iMac/PowerBook Upgrade - 02/28/05 03:50 AM

How did you get it to play DVDs? I thought tray loaders weren't upgradeable to this feature?