Ultra quiet power supply

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Ultra quiet power supply - 08/05/04 03:41 AM

I have an G3 AIO "tooth" that is going into a car with a custom linux GUI. The current power supply will probably need to be replaced to make way for one that makes very little noise.

Apple-history.com - Power: 150 Watts

Any suggestions? Also, is there a limit to how far the power supply can be from the mobo (using longer cables or extension cables).
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Re:Ultra quiet power supply - 08/05/04 04:12 AM

I can help you a lot with the custom linux interface smile

As for power supplies, it's an interesting issue
It comes down to this:
Do you want to get a DC->DC power supply?
If you do, you will need to figure out how to wire an ATX power supply to the G3. To get a 150W DC/DC ATX power supply, you'll be looking at probably $180 (including something to clean the power).

Or do you want a new AC->DC power supply, in addition to a high performance DC/AC converter? (You'll want to make sure that it provides a high enough wattage, and that it's clean).
Again, you'll probably have to figure out how to get an ATX supply wired into the G3, but you're looking more towards <$100 (though efficiency will go down and it will draw more juice from the engine).

Also to worry about is crank power (you won't be able to run the computer while cranking the engine), and how to power on and off the computer.

Idealy you'll have an extra big battery to supplement the power comming from the car's main electrical system so that durring cranking or whatever you can provide uninterupted power to the computer.

I have quite a bit of experience researching all of this stuff, so if you need anything else, just ask.
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Re:Ultra quiet power supply - 08/05/04 06:32 AM

DC>AC power converter from the outlet powering a quiet (quieter than the one in the tooth) ATX powersupply. I didn't think about the uninterupted power for the computer during start/stop so good call on that one. i supposed a UPS work just fine.

My question is which ATX power supply will be the best, providing 150 without making much noise doing it. In fact, the car is quiet so a quiet power supply is a must (its an SUV so trunk install isn't an option)
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Don't know if this will help, but check this out:

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You might also try G4Noise.com. They even have a few mods I'll post.
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Re:Ultra quiet power supply - 08/05/04 07:44 AM

Some fans mentioned in the 3 mod articles I recently posted:

Evercool 120mm Aluminum Case Fan - 2000rpm, 79.14cfm of air, <30dba noise

Vantec Stealth 120mm - 1500rpm, 53cfm, <28dba (supposedly)

PSU 2 ea. Sunon KDE1206PTV1
60x60x25, W 3.6, RPM 4500, 12v dBa 36.5, 12v CFM 47.0, 7v dBa 24.8, 7v CFM 27.4, 5v dBa 20.5, 5v CFM 19.6

CPU Panaflo FBA12G12M
120x38, W 4.1, RPM 2400, 12v 35.5 dBa, 12v CFM 86.5, 7v 23.8 dBa, 7v CFM 50.5, 5v 19.5 dBa, 5v CFM 36.0

Comp USA 80cfm CPU FAN No DBA given
Sunon 23.5cfm PSU FANS 33.5 DBA each
23.5cfm PSU Sunon FANS with Comp USA blower
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Re:Ultra quiet power supply - 08/05/04 07:54 AM

THANKS FOR THE INFO! I'll take some time to look into what you've posted. I'm sure there's an answer to my question somewhere in there laugh
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Anthony, just get these:

Power Supply

That setup is *completely* fanless. The power supply is supposed to just snap onto a mini-itx board, but you'll have to splice cables anyway to get it to work, so why not?

You can probably fit it all in a small little radioshack project box.

And magnus, as a bit of a pet peeve - there is an edit button for a reason.

This Opus PSU may have a fan, but it can withstand engine cranking, which is pretty cool. It will even automatically power up the PC, and allow you to set a timer for powering down the PC after you turn off the ignition (ie, set it to keep the PC on for 4 minutes, so if you're fueling your car, you can have it stay on while fueling, then turn the car back on, and it cancels the shut down). It looks like it might definitely be worth the $100.

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Re:Ultra quiet power supply - 08/05/04 11:20 AM

I was just about to point to the same link Tutan. I have done alot of research on this, and the site that you linked to is truly great. wink