How hard could it be?

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How hard could it be? - 08/04/09 04:01 PM

I get a phone call from my Dad last night - his iMac G5 has gone haywire, and the Apple Store says it's either the power supply or the mobo (thanks guys, there's no way to give a definite answer???). He's ordered a new PS for the computer, which I'll be installing for him in a couple weeks. If that's the fix, we're good. If that's NOT the problem, though, he wants to buy a Mac Mini and have me swap the mobo, drives, etc. out of the Mini and into the iMac's case. The only problem is, how can I wire up the iMac's LCD to the Mac Mini's video port? I'm figuring that positioning the Mini components in the iMac's case couldn't be that hard, given the size difference between the 2 machines, but adapting the LCD to the Mini's video port is going to give me headaches.
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Re: How hard could it be? - 08/04/09 06:00 PM

You don't.

Here is what you do:
1) Buy an LCD with desirable size and case.
2) Fabricate a mount that you can slide the mini into from above and lock without blocking the optical drive or ports.(with the optical drive facing out)
3) Get a USB hub and attach that to the display as well so it is easily accessible.
4) Done.

Alternatively you have the option of replacing the LCD panel in the iMac if you find one of the correct size and aspect ratio. That would be a pita however.
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Re: How hard could it be? - 08/05/09 05:09 AM

Your dilemma is often referred to as "The Holy Grail" of modding, which is salvaging an embedded lcd monitor, like one from an imac, or laptop to use elsewhere. The problem lies within the lcd controller being embedded within the mobo of the product it was installed on ( ) and making it a cost issue.
I agree with Olelmuvun, and suggest using a product like this...
or this....

but jamming it inside the G5 case with a similar enough lcd would be f@*king rad and would require full documentation and photos to impress and inspire nerds like myself to make some cool mods!!!!
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Re: How hard could it be? - 08/05/09 06:57 AM

Nice, I did not know anyone made those.
Saves you some time but at the cost of fun. wink
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Re: How hard could it be? - 08/11/09 02:47 PM

Hmm... I was browsing the local craigslist and happened upon another option - how about a dead Apple LCD monitor's controller?

If dad's power supply swap doesn't work, would the controller from one of Apple's 20" displays work? The monitor in question is *free* because the LCD itself is busted, but the controller and power boards inside are supposedly still good.

Would that still qualify as a "Holy Grail" mod? You needn't worry about getting pics / documentation - you NEVER try a project like this without writing what you're doing down!
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Re: How hard could it be? - 08/11/09 05:36 PM

Maybe... the controller would have to be set up to interact with the specific LCD panel in the imac, and there are no guarantees there the same (apple uses several manufactures) also, the LVDS cable may be different and they are easily damaged if handled improperly... that being said the price is right, so i'd go for it and see what happens.
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Re: How hard could it be? - 09/02/09 03:35 PM

Ok, now things have officially gotten weird with his iMac. He purchased a new iMac 2 weeks ago, and moved his old one upstairs, where it was basically going to sit until I got a chance to figure out what needed replacing on it. Care to guess how many times it's shut itself off in that period? That's right! None! Darn thing's working perfectly normal now. He's still bringing it to me to wipe, run AHT and a few other tweaks, but looks like it was the power strip he had it hooked up to that was causing the problem...