Adding extra fans

Posted by: iBookdude458

Adding extra fans - 05/12/09 04:47 PM

How would I go about adding extra fans to me Dual-Core powermac G5?

I do not see any extra molex wire hanging around in my case and I am curious is to how I would add fans.

(I want to put a fan on my video card and add some glowing fans for cool effect and extra blow)
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Adding extra fans - 05/12/09 07:15 PM

I see no massive issue with a fan on the GPU card, but you might find that adding case fans screws up the 'airflow zones' inside the case. You might be better off trying to replace the fans that are already there if possible.
Posted by: TonimusMaximus

Re: Adding extra fans - 05/13/09 11:12 AM

If you insist on adding fans, you could use those cheesy molex doublers and triplers.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Adding extra fans - 05/15/09 04:18 AM

I try to avoid the molex Y cables and fan adapters. I would splice into the main power source say from the hard drive, just splice it into the molex connector going to the drive. That way you only have two wires to deal with instead of trying to stuff a adapter in.