iMac G3 LCD

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iMac G3 LCD - 11/08/08 11:31 AM

I am moving the imac into a smaller case (its a g3 450/500mhz i think) as I want to put it in my closet with an lcd wall mounted outside it. A media centre in my bedroom. But After I moved the logic board I'v looked around and it looks like I need to take the back off the crt? I'm leaving the crt in the case and recycle it as I dont want to touch it.
I was planning to just use the external VGA but apparntly there is poor image issues with that so...
Can I just create a cable that plugs into the video (I think it is?) on the logic board and a vga on the other end? I'll show a pic

I also am going to put 512mb or 1gb ram in it and a 80gb hard drive.... IF it works :|
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Re: iMac G3 LCD - 11/24/08 04:34 PM

I didn't understandy our picture, but I imagine you could. you would just need to figure out the wiring and you should be able to do it. But be careful, as some of the wiring in the video is sure to be full-power, and you wouldn't need that with a VGA cable.
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Re: iMac G3 LCD - 01/12/09 11:58 PM

Won't work. Just use the external video port.
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Re: iMac G3 LCD - 01/13/09 12:55 AM

Check out this project, which may be of interest:
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Re: iMac G3 LCD - 01/14/09 05:26 AM

Nice find. I may have to try this on my old slot-load iMac.