Rear Desktop Lighting Mod - 24" iMac

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Rear Desktop Lighting Mod - 24" iMac - 04/15/08 06:22 PM

I figured since this is actually a lighting mod, (but requires lots of extra hardware), I'd put it in Lighting Mods. Maybe someone can help me with this one. I'd originally been wanting to put a battery in my iMac, but I found out that it's not really possible the way that I'd envisioned it, so I've scrapped that idea, but I came up with a new one. I thought of this originally for my 17" PowerBook when I was looking at pictures of people changing out the white apple on the screen for a colored one. I figured that since the backlight shines both ways, why not try to put an LCD in there instead of a static piece of acetate? You'd only need the screen itself, not the lighting element as that's really, already supplied.

I didn't do it though.

I then saw that there was a big fat apple logo on the back of the iMacs, and that it was a separate piece from the matte back (there's a tiiiiiny black gap around the logo in some pictures), so, It got me thinking about this again. If I can replace that solid black logo with a clear one, stick a black tint behind it so it's black when off, and then a tiny LCD behind that (or even circuit mounted LEDs), then I could get an effect similar to a Philips' AmbilLight TV which shined light behind it to give the effect that the screen was bigger than it was. This could really make watching movies sweet as hell, so, yeah. That's what I want to do. Besides, it'd be really cool to enhance the computing experience itself even if it only displays the wallpaper back there. It'd be like a huge desktop!

I have the question, is this possible, and would I be better off going with an LCD or lots of tiny LEDs? I'm thinking the LEDs because I don't have to try to trick the little LCD screen to display a huge image. With LEDs I can just make custom settings, or have a program to decode the wallpaper into a grid of simple colors and display it that way.

Here's a little preview to give you an idea of what I'm talking about (Direct Link because Photobucket was being an ass and wouldn't let me up a smaller image).
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Re: Rear Desktop Lighting Mod - 24" iMac - 04/18/08 05:07 AM

dude, sweet idea!! Perfect for watching movies or even itunes visualization!

Getting this thing to actually work the way you need it to would require some software integration... So the light changes as needed.

Here is the mod guide, just for windows... You would need to develop this for the mac! But, it wouldn't be a piece of cake. Maybe you can talk to this guy about it.

Also, I think this would be an AWESOME product to sell! Think of hooking up one of these to an apple tv...

I mean, the computer is/will be the center of the media room/den. Having a plug and play usb ambient lighting setup would be awesome!

Anyway, some food for thought here. Great idea, I would love to see this come to fruition and I would def buy one!