Aluminium iMac Processors

Posted by: mrtotes

Aluminium iMac Processors - 10/04/07 10:35 AM


Anyone know if, and what, socket is used for the iMac? Is it the standard 479 or is the processor soldered in or otherwise very complex to replace?

I'm considering paying the extra 160 for the 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme in the next four weeks but if I can drop in a quad 3GHz processor in 18-24mths time for 200 or so, then that would be preferable.

Or am I being too hopeful and Apple's use of the Merom and Merom Extreme going to be too limiting in this respect?

Thanks for any insight.

Posted by: maestro

Re: Aluminium iMac Processors - 10/04/07 03:31 PM

Intel is making a quad core portable cpu.  My guess is that it will not be compatible though because of a bus speed change.  Not sure on that though.  Keep digging.  By the way, I have heard about a lot of new iMac failures as of late.  Just thought I would let ya know that.
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Re: Aluminium iMac Processors - 10/04/07 06:57 PM

I haven't seen one yet. But I read about it. Sounds like a driver issue.
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Re: Aluminium iMac Processors - 10/04/07 09:45 PM

I spend quite a lot of time over in Apple Discussions.  The general complaints about the new iMacs are
- Firewire TDM doesn't work unless you use a hub or third FW device within the daisy-chain.
- Some Firewire device just don't work anymore.  This is mainly hard disks but the work-around is to use USB2.0.
- Multiple and regular graphics freeze (the system continues to work i.e. iTunes playing discs etc).  This is the biggy that Apple need to sort pronto.
- Unable to calibrate "glossy" screen (although probably due to the glass over the matte screen).
- Uneven backlighting.
- Low grade (TN) panel used in 20" rather than the S-IPS panel in the 24".

Actually I'm still going to get one anyhow as I'm sure they will sort them out in the next 4 weeks but for the first time in 16 years will be getting AppleCare (I don't intend to fiddle inside in the first two years or so).  Apple's Quality Control is non-existent at the moment.

So does anyone know if the processor is soldered or socketed?

I'm going to dig around and see if Penryn (which I believe is the next gen laptop chips) looks like it'll drop into a Santa Rosa machine.