Sawtooth FW mod

Posted by: Jias

Sawtooth FW mod - 10/03/07 10:06 AM

So everybody's familiar with the internal FW port in the Sawtooths.

I'm thinking about buying something like this:
and mounting it to the front, so I have a FW port on the front.

I use the Sawtooth headless (hoorah for VNC, ssh, FTP and AFP!), and where its sitting (in a little closet), reaching around the back can be a pain. So why the hell not?

I've never really cut into one of these cases - any advice from someone who has?
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Sawtooth FW mod - 10/04/07 07:58 PM

Cutting up a sawtooth case is just like cutting up any other case. The only thing is you will have a layer of metal and a layer of plastic to cut though. What I would do is cut a hole in the metal that is bigger then the firewire input and make a hole in the plastic that is the same size as the firewire input and mount the firewire cable to the plastic. Or if you don;t have a ZIP drive or a hard drive in the bay under the CD/DVD drive you can just mount the firewire there and only face cutting one layer of plastic.
Posted by: Jias

Re: Sawtooth FW mod - 10/04/07 08:39 PM

Your ZIP bay idea... That's exactly the kind of second persepctive I was looking for.
Posted by: grggary1

Re: Sawtooth FW mod - 01/25/08 01:34 AM

I'd like to hear how that goes. My USB 2 card also has an internal port, kind of like the firewire on the motherboard. With a similar USB cable like the firewire one you're talking about, I could add a firewire and USB up front. The Zip bay is a great idea, because I don't think anyone in their right mind would use Zip discs anymore when you can buy a 2 gig flash drive for $19. If you go through with the mod, are you going to take pics and describe what you did to make it easier for me to learn from your mistakes? wink