G4 processor in G3

Posted by: termatt56

G4 processor in G3 - 10/01/07 07:57 PM

Would it be possible if i set it to a higher clock speed to use a processor designed for a G4 or even a G5 in my beige G3.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: G4 processor in G3 - 10/02/07 08:05 AM

The right kind of G4 will go in there. Needs to be a ZIF socket. Forget about the G5 though. System bus on a beige would never keep up (not fast enough or wide enough). And they won't fit either.
Posted by: zenstate

Re: G4 processor in G3 - 10/02/07 05:03 PM

Waragainstsleep is right.  You can buy G4 500-1ghz or G3 1GHz upgrades for your G3.  Keep in mind though that these CPU's are re-engineered to work in beige and blue G3 towers.  A G5 will never run in that system.

The only factory G4 chips that will work are the ones in the PCI graphics G4 tower from 99.  After these models Apple totally changed the CPU socket.
Posted by: termatt56

Re: G4 processor in G3 - 10/02/07 07:42 PM

Okay thanks.