help a newbie run FCP

Posted by: dudeabides

help a newbie run FCP - 08/27/07 12:53 AM

Hello Modlins,

I have a Quicksilver with Dual 800Mhz G4s(2MB L3 cacher per - whatever that means), and 640mb RAM.  Besides, the addt. RAM, its all stock.  Right now I'm using Final Cut Pro3.  I would like to be able to run a newer version of, make that a current version of, FCP (Studio Pro 2) to take advantage of the real time rendering advances and have my files be compatible with FCP Express on a MacBook.

Recommendations?  Obviously, I need new processors.  What else given the Quicksilver hardware?  I'd like not to spend much, and my modifying experience (if you can even call it that) consists of swapping hard drives and RAM.  But I'm willing to read a few instruction manuals. 

Thanks in advance.
Posted by: zenstate

Re: help a newbie run FCP - 08/27/07 02:08 PM

Hey dudeabides.  Welcome to macmod.

Final Cut Studio's current version needs at least a G4 1.25GHz but with a dual 800 you just might be able to get it to run.  Keep in mind though that the newest version won't be fast at all on your system.

The main issue I see you having is at the install.  Most apps (even if then support dual CPU) don't see a combined power of 2.  They look at the speed of the cpu whether its 1 or 2.  My feeling is that it will see an 800MHz and not install.  Apple is known for putting MHz verification in the pro app installs.

Worst case is remove the hard drive and put it in a mac with a 1.25+ G4 and then install.  This is assuming there is another mac you have access to through a friend etc. 
Posted by: maestro

Re: help a newbie run FCP - 09/01/07 05:35 AM

I am running into the same issues with my QS.  It is slower than molasses.  As I no longer have a faster Mac, I also need to upgrade.  If you do go with a faster cpu, get one with L3 cache if you intend to use it mostly for FCP.  The new 7448 have 1mb of L2 which is even better because its on chip.  These are super pricey though.
Dual is always better for Mac Apps!  When in doubt, get a slower dual and it will be faster than a single faster chip.  If you wanna sell that dp 800, that would be perfect for me and you would have some cash to upgrade.  PM me if you are interested.

By the way, my old 1.42dp G4 was great with FCP, just about as good as my old 2.0dp G5.  And check out for some great QS upgrade testing of a 7800, x800xt and 9800 in a 2.0 G4 QS.  It was faster than a dp 2.0 G5 in some tests!