Water cooling is back!

Posted by: TCPMeta

Water cooling is back! - 08/02/07 11:42 AM

Well yesterday the lights went out. So to keep myself busy I went into the garage and found a bunch of stuff to make a DIY water cooling kit. Extra silicon vacuum hose from my car. A few fittings. A old jug that some 6mm airsoft BBs came in. Used my cordless drill and made holes for the fittings on the jug that i'm using for the water tank. I tested the jug with 5PSI and it held nicely. Went and hunted down my extra water block for GPU chipsets and the hose fittings. Everything came together but I needed a pump. Well I found a water fall pump that I had forgot about. I had to modify the pump for the thicker hose by attaching a short copper tube in the water pump's smaller hose and put the thicker hose over and clamped it.. Best part the pump uses 12 volts. Since the lights were out and I wanted to test it ASAP I took my 9.6v R/C car battery and tested it. Works great but it started to leak around the top part of the jug on the return but that can be fixed with some Teflon tape. Now I just needed to find a way to make the water block to attach to the CPU. I made a bracket out of some aluminum and used two long screws. The aluminum has a groove on the bottom and the water block has a screw top to hold in place. The screws are going though the stock heatsink positioning holes and held with nuts.

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Re: Water cooling is back! - 08/02/07 03:12 PM

sounds scary, I can't wait to see pics of the final thing.
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Re: Water cooling is back! - 08/02/07 04:25 PM

Cool!  Been a while since someone ventured down that road.  Take a bunch of pics so we can check it out.
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Re: Water cooling is back! - 08/03/07 02:58 AM

I've done water cooling on tons of computers. This is my second DIY setup but with a mac. As long as you check for leaks with air tests then it's good to go, If it's air tight then it's water tight.
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Re: Water cooling is back! - 08/03/07 10:54 AM

Could we call this water cooling ghetto style?  HAHA

I would also like to see some picks of the final setup.
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Re: Water cooling is back! - 08/04/07 02:12 AM

I'm saving the final pics for something special.
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Re: Water cooling is back! - 08/04/07 02:38 AM

Are you saying we are not special?  wink
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Re: Water cooling is back! - 08/04/07 10:50 AM

No, I just want to save the final pics for something.
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Re: Water cooling is back! - 08/05/07 03:45 PM

Well my pump in my Gaming PC died and I hate the ghettoness of the mac so i'm going to build a multi water cooled system. My room mate has a old fish tank and I found a cheap pump pound pump that pushes 290GPH. I might get one or two for the setup and make it run to both systems. Since the mac and PC only use water blocks on the CPUs this will work just fine. The hard part on the whole setup will be fabercating a top for the fish tank so dust and animals will stay out. Best part is the pump will run 24 hours even with the computers off.