Saying goodbye to mods...

Posted by: waamatt

Saying goodbye to mods... - 07/06/07 03:27 PM

So, I think I am going to take apart my MDD again and re-set the bus and CPUs to their stock 133/867 speeds. I've been having lots of problems recently and have been unable to pinpoint exactly what they are from, so I figured my safest bet is to go back to the beginning.

I had also undone pretty much all my extra cooling mods, but I think when I go about reverting the clock speeds, I'll be adding the extra fans back in (and finding a better way to mount the fan controller).

I am also considering an after-market heatsink-fan combo for my 9800 Pro as I believe the fan in it has a problem (it makes a horrible sound when the computer is turned on). Right now I'm back to using my 9000 Pro.

So, sadly, I think all my modding endeavors were for naught. Let's put a nice crying face in here...  :'(

There we go.

In other news... I have been toying with the idea of having my MDD's PSU be external, possibly mounted into its own box with its own cooling. Kind of a useless idea, but maybe I could do something fun with the space where it sits.
Posted by: waamatt

Re: Saying goodbye to mods... - 07/06/07 03:59 PM

Just thought of something else kind of useless... Getting rid of my Superdrive and using an external Firewire optical drive. It's just one less thing inside the tower (and I'd actually remove the enitere optical drive chassis). It'd also let me remove the optical drives' IDE cable and reduce heat generated in the system and reduce power drain. Granted, having something on a FireWire port adds drain, but the external drive would have its own power supply.
Posted by: maestro

Re: Saying goodbye to mods... - 07/06/07 07:12 PM

Have you read my MDD mod guides?  If not, look up reallycoolG4 part 1 and 2.  The bus speed mods are surely your problem.  There are many choices for your 9800 Pro cooling, I would use arctic cooling, as I used several models on my 9 series cards.
Posted by: waamatt

Re: Saying goodbye to mods... - 07/06/07 11:04 PM

Yeah, I'll take a look (it's been a while) again, maestro. Today, I've been up since 7am, and my computer has been running almost that whole time. Not a single app has crashed, nor has the machine frozen up. Conversely, last night, World of Warcraft quit about 4 times, and the machine froze up once.

CPUs seem to run a nice temp, by the way. They hover around 54C and get up to 55C when playing games. The copper heatsink and the 120mm fan I put in really helped. I think when it's back to 867/133, it's going to run very cool, which will be exciting.