Wicked cooling

Posted by: TCPMeta

Wicked cooling - 06/23/07 03:00 PM

I was bored and found a old car A/C fan in my garage. Well for laughs and such I did this. Wired up the fan to my test system's power supply. I made a quick video of the test, check it out.

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Re: Wicked cooling - 06/23/07 03:44 PM

LOL, sounded like it was gonna take off. Its louder than the RAID of 19GB scsi drives in my file server. (I have 20 19GB drives in raid 1+0)
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Re: Wicked cooling - 06/23/07 03:56 PM

Yea, it felt like it was going to take off. I had a heck of a time holding it, good thing I held it because if I was going to using something to hold it with, my luck it wouldn't hold and end up spinning and try to chop a body part off.

Since the fan motor is so powerful I'm thinking to use it on a car mod i've been thinking about. A electric supercharger. All of the so called electric superchargers i've seen use a standard 80 or 120mm computer fan that blows at the most 78cfms.
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Re: Wicked cooling - 06/24/07 03:45 AM

when you said "hell i'll just use my hand" i thought of the joke, "if right before you die you say 'hey y'all watch this' you might be a redneck"
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Re: Wicked cooling - 06/24/07 04:23 AM

Yea, on the play back all I could do was laugh at myself.