3ghz C2D

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3ghz C2D - 06/21/07 02:45 PM

Had to post here.  I know its PC, but I am too  smile.  I got a new MB, Quad Gt for my PC mod and was able to get my 2.11 up to 3.0ghz this morning.  Benchmarks flew and now its sitting pretty.  Here is a pic of the set up.

The photo shows my x1600xt for initial testing, but its all buttoned up with the x1950xt now.

PCMark05 is 7291.
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Can you run OSX86 on it?
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A 3GHz C2D?  *drool*

I would love to run BSD or Debian on that baby!
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Will it blend?
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Re: 3ghz C2D - 06/22/07 01:00 AM

"Will it blend?" dunno whatcha mean whitlock.

I am working on some OSX86 right now, but it will probably be a while til I run it on this.
I still have Macs, Lol.
By the way, with all this horsepower (3.0c2d, 2gb, 3x160 hds, x1950xt OC', and sound card.....this thing is still soooo much quieter than my Quicksilver.  I gotta figure out how to quiet that beast down. 

Couple more pics for ya.
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Interesting....but I think it might be too big to fit in a blender.
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Re: 3ghz C2D - 07/06/07 11:46 PM

I hit 3.2ghz today and its very stable.  I am running the ram at the stock speed of 800mhz (for now), the bus speed is 400mhz (northbridge at 1066) and the FSB is at 1600mhz.  I knew it could run that speed and probably higher still, but I am waiting for my 60mm Panaflos and more mosfet heatsinks to come in the mail.  Then I should be able to get the ram to at least 900mhz and the processor to 3.6.  Waaaahooooo!

By the way, the e6400 Core2Duo temps topped out at 53 C.  Not bad at all.
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looks so cool..

what type of case is that? (brand, model)

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Re: 3ghz C2D - 07/07/07 12:44 PM

Thanks, it is a modded InWin F430.  I am trying to give it a car (ferrari) dashboard look with the gauges, a/c controls, ignition and stereo.  I will post some more final pics of it when it is done next week.