417 dual g4??

Posted by: lemac

417 dual g4?? - 05/19/07 09:08 AM

So I replaced the powersupply and got a dual 1.42 module for my MDD, but after I install it, apple system profiler reads it as dual 417 mhz. Is the cpu bad or something? after just a few minutes of use it kernel panics. I thought it might be a heat issue, but I did apply thermal grease and temperature monitor.app (4.11) shows that the cpu board is running at 45-50 degrees.

Is this a bad cpu? Or is it still a heat issue? When I touch the copper heatsink (got this too), it's pretty warm considering it's running at 417mhz
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/19/07 09:37 AM

what speed is your current motherboard? is it a 167mhz bus speed? as that is what the 1.42 needs if its the oem one. Also what speed RAM do you have in it? it needs the higher speed 2700 or better to run.
Also are you running CHUD?
Posted by: lemac

Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/19/07 09:52 AM

it has 2700 ram, it's a 167mhz motherboard. i am not running chud, i could try to install it, but it will probably hang before that happens.
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/19/07 04:04 PM

what would chud have to do with anything?  it doesn't lower cpu speed at all...  it simply mini-sleeps the unused parts.
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/19/07 04:20 PM

Sounds to me like the someone tried to overclock the processor and didn't change both sets of resistors.
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/19/07 06:17 PM

I'm pretty sure it's stock, and the chips do read 1400 7455b. I'm going to try reseating and reapplying paste, but was hoping for more feedback. I hope the resistors aren't damaged or something.
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/19/07 06:56 PM

Google for an overclocking guide and check to make sure the resistors on both sides are set how they are supposed to be.
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/20/07 01:58 AM

I'll check the resistors when i get a chance, but an fyi, the processor card won't boot at all if both processors aren't set at the same speed.
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/21/07 01:07 AM

well, I tried reseating the processor, and not it won't boot at all. I guess the cpu is dead (original cpu boots fine). Starts up, no chime, fans soon go into full speed mode. I'd check the resistors, but the only site I know of seems to be down.
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/21/07 08:58 AM


Tycho could probably help you. If you can catch him.....
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/21/07 02:18 PM

I have had a few MDD that do that. One ended up being the processor and the other a motherboard, worked out well, I just popped the good processor in the good motherboard and we had one good machine! lol.
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/21/07 11:36 PM

That would be fine and dandy, but I bought this one lol. Sadly I bought it under as is terms. Tis a shame frown
However, I can't tell if it was defective or if I somehow screwed it up. I never actually got it running. And when I did, it was 417mhz...
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Re: 417 dual g4?? - 05/22/07 03:31 PM

Do either of the processors themselves look burnt or anything? The one I had die, on of the chips was completely burnt on the gasket.