Imac G4 LCD pinout help...!!

Posted by: xfsasx

Imac G4 LCD pinout help...!! - 02/03/07 07:46 PM

Ok so i took off the lcd cause it was cracked, but now have decided to use it for a picture frame and thought it would be nice to illuminate the picture with the back light the only thing is i cant figure out which wire on the back is for the backlight! Its been driving me nuts all day... im currently testing it with a molex connector from an old tower but am having troubles. I got the status light working fine, but i need to know which wires on the back need power for the backlight to light up. Any help would be awesome
Posted by: manhackman

Re: Imac G4 LCD pinout help...!! - 02/03/07 08:58 PM

The inverter powers the backlight... and uses an AC current... I would start by finding the voltages and grounds with a multimeter from the computer, and then try powering the LVDS cable, leaving it connected to the screeen... I have never attempted anything like this, but I think its a great idea.  P.S> the AC current is probably high voltage and dangerous!
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Imac G4 LCD pinout help...!! - 02/06/07 02:11 AM

Use a high voltage meter for this. This way if you hit D/C current it will not hurt the equipment.