Two logicboards on one power supply?

Posted by: TCPMeta

Two logicboards on one power supply? - 10/24/06 12:02 PM

I'm trying to slim down my cluster server with the two sawtooth logicboards. I droped the water cooling idea due to leaks and pump issues. So since i've done that I can drop down on the power supply wattage that the system needs. Right now I'm using two 350watt ATX power supplys that have been re-pined for the sawtooth logicboards. I want to drop one and splice into one to power the two logicboards, two hard drives and a DVD+RW. Heres the specs of the power supply.

ATX 2.03 (p4) 350watt
+3.3V - 20Amps
+5V - 30Amps
+12V - 12Amps
+5VSB - 2Amps
-5V - 0.5Amps
-12V - 0.8Amps

I think it will work but it will be border lining the max.
Posted by: maestro

Re: Two logicboards on one power supply? - 10/24/06 01:37 PM

I suggest staying with two psus.  Splicing it up will undoubtably cause stability issues.  You could use smaller psus, like one from a Micro or Micro Atx.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Two logicboards on one power supply? - 11/02/06 02:24 AM

Well I went ahead and did the mod. I went to the the shop and took two ATX power supply extenders and spliced them together and it works great. t's a werid setup. I had to also wire up a power switch for the setup. One push makes node 1 turn on and the second click turns on node 2. Pretty neat if I just want to run Node 1 instead of both.
Posted by: waamatt

Re: Two logicboards on one power supply? - 11/03/06 12:11 AM

Eh, seems like as long as you keep the amount of stuff connected to each mobo it should be fine. Two mobos, couple of HDDs per, networking hardware, and maybe an optical drive on each. Oh, I guess you need to be able to hook up a display for maintenance, but you can get really weak GPUs.