my sawtooth project

Posted by: TCPMeta

my sawtooth project - 08/15/06 08:34 PM

I have done a little tweaking here and there in the last few days. I've tested a old 400MHz CPU laying around for Overclocking and for the L2 cache tweak. They indeed both work great. I got the CPU to overclock 100MHx from 400 to 500MHz at a stable level. I didn't try going any higher. Also for the L2 cache tweak it also worked very nice.

While playing with the CPU I went ahead and added a 8pin 4 dipswitch to the logic-board. I got the FSB to run at 120MHz. I also added a few heatsinks to some chips on the logic-board for better cooling since the FSB jump is stressing the chips.

This project is fun to play with on my spare time. Always comming up with neat ideas to try and shockingly I havn't killed any hardware yet.