Cube as Media Player?

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Cube as Media Player? - 08/06/06 08:02 PM

I bought a Cube sometime back with the intention of using it as a media player. I have a 17" Formac Gallery display to hook up as monitor for it. iTunes obviously isn't a problem, but I would like to playback decent quality video. It handles 480 HD quite well, but I would like it run 720, since the display res is good enough.
I figure I'm going to need a CPU upgrade to do it properly, but I don't want to spend hundreds on one. Any recommendations for the minimum required/cheapest options?

Gonna need sound too, should I hold out for some Apple original USB speakers, or just get an iMic or use Airport?
Posted by: piakothewise

Re: Cube as Media Player? - 08/11/06 04:07 AM

no soup for you 720 p requires a G5 sucka
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: Cube as Media Player? - 08/13/06 08:09 PM

i would get an imic or crative labs mp3+ both work well with the cube. as far as any other upgrades. head over to there is tons of info there in the FAQ as far as videocards, trouble shooting, upgrades, and the likes. 
my forum name is doubleo_zero. maybe i'll see you over there.