Thermal Pad?

Posted by: ChillyWilly5280

Thermal Pad? - 06/01/06 02:33 AM

Is a CPU thermal pad, such as on the slot load iMac G3, reusable; or should it be replaced anytime the mother board is dismounted from the aluminum "heatsink" plate?
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Thermal Pad? - 06/01/06 10:26 AM

Mileage will vary on this one. Apple uses various different thermal goodies on its machines.
The black or grey ones which tend to be smallish and used almost entirely on CPUs (as opposed to GPUs) and other chips. These tend to be in a bit of a state after you remove the heatsink and I personally always replace them. Even if I only replace them with a layer of paste.
The blue ones which tend to feel greasy to the touch, tend to be bigger and used more often with other chips as well as some CPUs. These tend to be OK as long as the heatsink wasn't too tight, as they compress quite easily.

In short, always change the grey/black ones, if the blue ones look OK, use them again.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Thermal Pad? - 06/02/06 06:31 PM

I forgot about the yellow ones (which you usually see on iBook GPUs). These look the same as the blue ones apart from the colour, so I would treat them the same: If they are intact, leave them there.
Posted by: ChillyWilly5280

Thermal Pad? - 06/03/06 01:15 AM

Hmm, seems the OEM pads are hard to come by. CompUSA has some pads here, but the PC modders & overclockers seem to prefer Arctic Silver.

So what do Mac Modders recommend, Arctic Silver or thermal pads?