Internal Peripherals

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Internal Peripherals - 04/04/06 08:13 PM

Lets consider the internal bluetooth modules used in a variety of Macs (and doubtless PCs too, but never mind that):
Most of the ones I've bothered to look at show up under the USB device tree in System Profile. Now if one such module were connected to the logic board by a cable (there would be obviously be another cable for the antenna), and that cable had 4 pins on either end, what would be the chances of chopping the logic board off the end of the cable, soldering a USB plug onto it, and it working fine in another Mac?

This mod assumes that the USB plug is wired correctly of course, and that the appropriate .kext file is also copied to the new Mac.
I can see no obvious problems with my theory, should it be this simple?
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Internal Peripherals - 04/04/06 11:23 PM

I bet it's not... But it very well could be.
Posted by: burtman

Internal Peripherals - 04/05/06 09:04 AM

I was considering doing somthing similair to my ibook but the other way round I wanted to put an external bluetooth dongle inside as it didn't come with any built in. If you look at the technical manual it states that it is an internal USB bus and when i ripped my book apart I did find the connector on the main board. It's the same size as the one used for the trackpad. Never actually got round to doing it, mainly because I couldn't find a connector to attach to the main board. So yeah i reckon what you want to do would work, however you might find that the bluetooth part gets quite a preimum on ebay as you can't get hold of them very easyly if you didn't order them with your mac. And external bluetooth dongles are quite cheap. But when did meer practicality stop anybody around here? wink
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Internal Peripherals - 04/05/06 12:55 PM

Ordering is not a problem for me as an Apple Service Tech. You'd be surprised how cheap some such modules are too (though the one for my MDD is about 5 times more than any other I have found to date).

This mod does not actually concern bluetooth, its something else but the principle is the same. I keeping quiet over the true nature of my devious plan.......

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Internal Peripherals - 04/05/06 08:39 PM

OK, I'm halfway there. I have created the new external USB module, and it shows up just perfectly under System Profiler.
On my PowerBook G3, this is about all it does. On a G4 MDD 1.42DP which already had the appropriate .kext installed, a message immediately popped up saying that the driver could not be loaded.

Don't suppose anyone knows how to manually 'boot' a device driver? Any other help?
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Internal Peripherals - 04/05/06 09:38 PM

OK, having said all that, I just tried it on my own 1.0DP MDD, and its working just fine. This one has a much cleaner (more recent) OS install on it.

How peculiar. So I guess I can finally reveal the details of this little endeavour.

The video is really not great, its from my phone. I will try to take some better footage with a webcam I have. Though it won't be vastly better quality from an old USB 1.1 Quickcam.
You can just about see what is going on though....