Posted by: yann86

Urgent! - 03/06/06 10:02 AM

I've got kind of an urgent problem here. I just installed a new analog video board in my iMac G3, problem is I ordered it from the US and have no idea if this board can handle 240 volts. I'd like to be sure before I hit the power.
Posted by: yann86

Urgent! - 03/06/06 10:55 AM

Decided to hide under the desk (just incase) and take the risk. It seems to work. As you may recall, I posted an entry here some time ago about this project. I had installed a 600MHZ board in an iMac II DV 400MHZ which didn't seem to work. Now after having installed the new analog board, every part from my 400 is the same as in a 600 and still it doesn't work. Bad motherboard, bad luck. If I pull it off next time I get my hands on a 600MHZ motherboard, I'll post my mod guide...
Posted by: hookem2oo7

Urgent! - 03/07/06 02:45 AM

the power supply is what deals with the 240v, not the parts themselves
Posted by: yann86

Urgent! - 03/07/06 08:39 AM

The iMac's PSU is built into the analog board which I was talking about, so I don't see why it wouldn't handle the 240 volts...