MDD Power Supply Sufficient?

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

MDD Power Supply Sufficient? - 03/03/06 09:03 PM

It has just ocurred to me that after a round of upgrades, my MDD PSU might be getting a little stretched. It hasn't done anything to make me think that is the case, but it started out as a single 1GHz FW800 with 133MHz bus and a Radeon 9000, 80GB HD and CDRW.
The 80GB failed, and the machine has had a variety of drives since.
Its new spec is as follows: Dual 1GHz, FX5200 (with extra fan), Pioneer DVR110, Maxtor 300GB, IBM 120GB and 60GB, and Seagate 30GB and 8GB HDs. Also has a PCI ethernet card and PCI USB 2.0 card. And Apple Pro Speakers.

Am I pushing it here?
Posted by: yann86

MDD Power Supply Sufficient? - 03/03/06 09:42 PM

My guess is you're just fine. If you can, check the temperature inside your PSU. Mine never goes higher than 45, I'd say 40C avg. Dual 1.25 oc to 1.33, dual raptor hd's, 9800 pro and several PCI cards don't seem to be a problem for my MDD's PSU (FW800, I believe 360W).

EDIT: Forgot the tons of fans I added (I think there's a total of 9) and all the extra lighting (a lot of leds and 2 ccfl's).
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

MDD Power Supply Sufficient? - 03/03/06 10:31 PM

Looks like lots of the MDDs use this same supply. I think there is a higher rated one (in the region 440W), but I guess thats for the dual 1.42s.
This one certainly seems OK.