Overclocking a B&W

Posted by: whitlock

Overclocking a B&W - 01/29/06 06:04 PM

So I've been working diligently on my new B&W. It's not my first B&W and not my first B&W overclock. The issue I'm running into is that all the tricks I used before to get the old one to 400mhz stable are just not working with this board. I've tried babying the jumper settings from 300 to 350 with no success. All I get is a startup without the ROM tone. Don't even need a monitor hooked up to tell it failed.

Luckily it still boots at 300mhz. My question is for those that have OC'd B&W's before. Did you run into any issues like this and how did you work around them?
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Re:Overclocking a B&W - 01/29/06 10:19 PM

Jumping 100MHz isn't a good idea. IBM builds the G3 CPUs kinda poorly compaired to the x86 CPUs. Just jump it to 350MHz or buy a faster CPU. Next payday i'm going to start selling some stuff and I think it's time I sold my B&W but i'll sell it off by parts since everyone wants parts and not another system.

Heres a tip for overclocking the B&W. I lost the little jumpers I bought for OCing my B&W so I took the stock white jumper block and used a razor to pop out the metal pins and put the metal pins in a diffrent order. Works quite well and if you're not carful you can lose to pins.
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Re:Overclocking a B&W - 01/30/06 12:41 AM

Hes right about the pins on the jumper block. Thats the way i do it. Thats odd, it wont oc. Usually any G3 can hit 400mhz. Is the heatsink on correctly and not backwards? You can also scrape the old pad off and use some artic silver. You may need to bump the voltage.

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Re:Overclocking a B&W - 01/30/06 02:57 AM

I scraped & used Arctic silver before trying the overclock. In fact it should be more cooler. I checked the paste and it's good. I already lost one of those little jumpers, but I had a bag of extra ones laying around. After some moving around in the jumper block I got everything offset by 1. Thankfully you can do that since Pin 11 is not used.