Recelling Duo batteries

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Recelling Duo batteries - 01/15/06 11:16 PM

Just bought some new batteries for my PowerBook Duo 2300c, and they're probably bad anyway, but I can probably recell (replace the NiMH cells inside them) them if someone knows how. I found a good tutorial for type Is, but I think these are type IIIs. Are they mainly the same, or completely different. I also found the cells in the type III batteries are 1600mAH, but would it be bad to replace them with 1850mAH (or greater), or would I not get any more time out of them anyway?
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 01:35 AM

You should see a longer battery life with 1850mAH cells, though if you are weary just get better quality 1600mAH cells. If you go to a place like Interstate Batteries, they usually know which cells work with what laptops. Make sure you get the wrap with it as well if you decide to recell.
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 05:58 AM

The thing I'm worried about with 1850mAH cells is that the sensors in the battery will determine they're full around 1600mAH and stop charging. Then I'll have spent money on batteries that are like one metaphor used to describe stupid people!
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 07:25 AM

If you know that the Duo's stop at the 1600mAh range then you have your answer. If you don't, and can't find any information that tells you the sensors check if the cell can no longer charge, then it's worth a shot.

Anyways, if you think of it like this, you can replace an iPod battery with a longer-lasting one w/o any side-effects AND it works. Using the same reasoning, then why wouldn't using 1850mAH cells work?
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 09:14 AM

I dout the charger will stop at 1600mAH as long as you replace all of the cells with 1850mAH.
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 01:59 PM

Aftermarket batteries include longer lasting batteries and they seem to charge fine. I say go for it.
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 05:29 PM

I went and opened up the battery I have right now, and I didn't find AAs. They are larger than AAs, but smaller than Cs. I think they may be A size batteries, but I don't know where I might find them.
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 07:21 PM
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 10:41 PM

Well they're not As. The dimensions are 12mm (diameter) by 42mm (length). They're like stocky AAs.
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Re:Recelling Duo batteries - 01/16/06 11:35 PM

I just replaced cells in my Pismo battery. I got the cells on Make sure you order cells with tabs...its much easier to solder that way.

Battery in my Pismo works fine, even tho i ordered higher capacity cells (stock cells are 1600mah iirc, i have 2000mah). OSX is a little confused about this, but battery works for 4 to 5 hours.