Posted by: cincyaaron

!IMPORTANT! - 01/04/06 04:03 AM

I have just received my Apple 5260/100 from a friend. It has not ethernet nor modem ports. Is there any upgrades that anyone knows of that I could run. I tried to load 9.2, but it only will run up to 9.0. If anyone has 9.0 software, I would be more gladly than to buy it off of you.

any ideas?
Posted by: tedj

Re:!IMPORTANT! - 01/04/06 04:26 AM

9 was almost a useless update. Go for 8.6. Now that was a system. And probably better at 100mhz.:pinch:
Posted by: whitlock

Re:!IMPORTANT! - 01/04/06 06:46 AM


9.1 is going to be the newest one you can operate, though if you can't play DVD's, don't care about iTunes, or anything like that maybe tedj's advice on 8.6 should be followed.
Posted by: cincyaaron

Re:!IMPORTANT! - 01/04/06 04:38 PM

Well, would anyone happen to have the software that they could copy it as an image or I could just buy the software off of whoever has it. At the tops, it will run 9.0, but 8.6 will be more than fine.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:!IMPORTANT! - 01/04/06 07:58 PM

Try OWC for OS 9.1. No idea where you'd get anything older except eBay.