Car CD-Player in B&W

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Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/21/05 06:02 PM

Well I bought my fiancee a new car CD player for x-mas and installed it in her 2000 Mazda 626.
She wanted a new one because her stock CD -player didn't like playing CD-Rs very well. Anyway now since I have her old CD-Player I thought I would add one to my B&W like I have done in the past with my gaming PC. It took me a hour to find the pinout for the CD-Player and I finaly got it wired up. Right now it's hooked up to my junk PC used for testing parts. I also have taken some nice pics of it also. I will make a mod guide for this as soon as I can find a HTTPD to host my pix. I'll also toss in a generic way for installing any after market car cd-player to a computer so anyone can do it with just any aftermarket cd-player.
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Re:Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/21/05 06:42 PM

Well I kinda screwed up on this mod. It works 100% don't get me wrong but since I don't have the right cabling I tryed to pull off the plastic molex connecter and ended up cracking the circut board. It also started to smoke when I hooked it up to see if it disrupted the circuty. Oh well, after x-mas i'll go buy a cheap 50 dollor cd-player and start over and this way i'll have the right cabling. I'll still make the mod guide and post pics of it.
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Re:Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/21/05 06:55 PM

i've always wondered if an atx PSU could handle a car's CD player. good information to know. now i just need to find an inverter powerful enough to handle my Pioneer Premeir 1500 watt sub with an suitable amp :woohoo:


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Re:Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/21/05 07:14 PM

I have pondered the idea of doing almost the opposite to this. I have a 200 disc CD jukebox, and I wondered if I could replace the CD player mechanism with a DVD-ROM drive mechanism. It would be a nice way to add a whole stack of movies to my network without using up drive space.
If I could control the jukebox from a Mac, I would look at putting a DVDRW in there. That would be seriously good at burning lots of stuff with minimum input required.
I suspect my particular one is a little too old to be remote controlled from a computer.
The DVDROM version would be great hooked up to a Mac with Front Row though.....
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Re:Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/21/05 09:08 PM

pics can be hosted here on MacMod...You can upload them at the time you post your guide or put them in the gallery and link them into your guide
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Re:Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/22/05 06:03 AM

The chances of finding the parts for changing a 200 disc CD-Player to play DVDs would be hard. It could work but also you would have to end up rebuilding the whole unit for it to really work with DVDs. In the past I tryed to turn a old 5disc changer into a CD-ROM drive. I had it working but I couldn't let the PC control what disc to use and the timing was off, the disc would still be spinning when it went to change discs.

Cool, i'll post the pix ASAP. I need to upload the pix to my VirginMobile account and copy them over to the mac then turn around and post them on here lol.

Ah, how do I add a image to the gallery? I don't see a way to post them.

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Re:Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/22/05 07:36 AM

click gallery and then select an album and select upload a photograph from the drop down menu
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Re:Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/22/05 05:43 PM

The gallery kept giving me problems so I found a free image hosting service for the time being.

Heres the pics.

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Re:Car CD-Player in B&W - 12/22/05 08:58 PM

Regarding a computer controlled CD/DVD changer.. check this out:

SCSI, but computer controlled none the less.