Need To Reflash Mac GeForce 4 Ti4600!

Posted by: Antonio

Need To Reflash Mac GeForce 4 Ti4600! - 12/16/05 11:14 PM

Well, I had used Graphicellerator to overclock my beautiful GeForce 4ti graphics card, and it worked fine for months with the updated ROM, but then soem bad RAM brought it to its knees!
I'm thinking the ROM is kaput. I get no video signal when connected to that card, but my Apple Studio Display still gets power and USB. It also happened while I had some bad RAM installed, which screwed with the whole system. I also tried a friend's graphics card, and it worked, so at least I know the logic board's good.

My Frankintosh still works fine, I can connect to it via my PowerBook and use it as a server, but the PowerBook is a 500mhz G3 Pismo, and the Frankintosh is a 933mhz G4 with a shiny Viewsonic 19" LCD... guess which one I'd rather be doing my illustrative and design chores on?

For the time being, I'm going to get my hands on a PCI graphics card and reflash the GeForce AGP card.
If anyone else has advice, or better yet, the same card and doesn't mind using Graphicellerator to rip a copy of their card's ROM and mail it to me, I'd be greatful.

Thanks in advance

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Posted by: Antonio

Re:Need To Reflash Mac GeForce 4 Ti4600! - 12/16/05 11:46 PM

And BTW, 'cause I know someone will mention it, I did make a backup of the orginal ROM... I'm just having a hard time finding it.

I should really organise my backup folders :pinch: !

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