internal IR in G5 tower

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internal IR in G5 tower - 12/10/05 01:41 PM

Okay i've got this new G5 and i'm just itching to do SOMTHING to it. i've have a few ideas floating in my head, but one that is, as they say in Maine, "wicked cool"

there is a little space above the optical drive for airflow to the HDDs. My plans are to put a 4gig 4200rpm laptop HDD up there for use as a swapfile disk. i've already modded an IDE cable for the activity lights (3 green LEDs.)

Here's the epiphany i had: why not put a keyspan Digital Media Remote in there too?
i would take it out of its case to minimize air restiction. but i would like to keep it all internalized.

This brings me to my question...
does the internal bluetooth module run on an internal USB bus? or is it something apple proprietary? i don't have bluetooth, and don't foresee ever using it on my tower.

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Re:internal IR in G5 tower - 12/10/05 02:23 PM

In PowerBooks, it certainly does... Might wanna check Apple's website for tidbits on this one.
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Re:internal IR in G5 tower - 12/10/05 02:51 PM

believe me.. if i could fit a DMR into my 15in powerbook i would.. laugh

i'm going to open up my compy right now and take a look at where it would connect


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okay so looks like it's a connection similar to an internal modem connector. (there are a lot of little LEDs in this thing too. :silly: ) well i guess i'll just have to figure something else out. i don't want to, but i could run a USB through an open PCI slot to a USB port. Or wait till they have a PCI-E USB card with an internal port (HAH!) i think the former is more likely.

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Re:internal IR in G5 tower - 12/10/05 06:54 PM

the bluetooth module is propriatary. But its possible you could hardwire a usb bluetooth module, I have seen it done. Not sure where that mod guide was....
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Re:internal IR in G5 tower - 12/10/05 07:56 PM

i don't need bluetooth on my tower. no point in making it wireless when there are already too many wires comming out it's backside. :silly:
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Re:internal IR in G5 tower - 12/12/05 05:00 PM

Its worth scanning the logic board for a USB connection. They are usually labelled if they're there.