Imac 266 tray load superdrive

Posted by: jaskrak

Imac 266 tray load superdrive - 12/07/05 08:22 PM

I recently upgraded my tray loading imac 266 with a sonnet harmoni 600 Mhz processor, a 120 gig hardrive, and 512 ram. How would I go about putting in a superdrive, or other dvd combo drive in ?
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:Imac 266 tray load superdrive - 12/08/05 06:10 AM

Any notebook supredrive should fit in there. Don't get one from a Titanium PowerBook or slot load iMac unless you want to do a bit more work. The tray load iMacs used standard notebook ATA drives. Make sure to get one which you know will work in a Mac.

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