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Posted by: oojacoboo

Add Bluetooth Module - 11/19/05 04:54 PM

Ok, so I had a BT 1.1 usb module and I just got the Wacom BT Tablet and I need 1.2 for the transfer rate and sustained connectability. So, I bought an Apple internal BT module and just installed it. Then I realized that there is an external antenna that I need to get the reception.

Now, I find myself trying to find a decent deal on one. eBay with no luck and the web seems to have pricey offerings...

Anyone know of any deals? I would rather not pay 30 bucks for one of these
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/19/05 10:28 PM

I can try and get you a price for one tomorrow. But even if its cheap, the shipping will likely bump it to more than $30...
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/19/05 11:05 PM

Can't a peice of wire work or tin foil? Or even a retractable antenna from a boom box work?
Posted by: maestro

Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 03:53 AM

How bout some rabbit ears! Kidding. Did you try going to Best Buy and seeing what antennas they have? By the way, I take it that the original tooth had no antenna?
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 06:16 AM

well, I bought the module off ebay. There is an external antenna port on the G5 case. It didn't come with this antenna and it is needed, the reception is really poor without it.

I get like 2-3 feet tops :angry:
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 06:46 AM

muhahaa, I just worked up a paperclip antenna and jammed two ends into the slot so that it created a somewhat snug connection with the internal antenna. It increased my range by about 30 feet!

Would still be nice to get a better solution, but this works for now I guess wink
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 07:28 AM

Speaking of G5s and Bluetooth, is it possible to buy and install a module on the new dual-core ones? I checked when we bought it and Apple won't do it for you, nor do they sell the module so you can do it yourself. There is no problem with the antenna with the new ones; it's encased in plastic and built into the back of the case, but I can't seem to find the module or the connector on the motherboard.
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 10:39 AM

its on the mobo below the speaker. I got mine off ebay, and I assume that they are still compatible.
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 11:01 AM

I see the connector for the AirPort Extreme card, but nothing for a BT module. Do you have a picture of yours installed?
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 01:45 PM

have a look here...
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 05:31 PM

just to be curious i took a look at the back of my dual-core G5, no placement for an airport or bluetooth antenna, must be all internalized. which i don't mind. cause i don't even have either of them.

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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/20/05 08:25 PM

How about this?

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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/21/05 02:01 AM

Ok, that guide looks good. I think I noticed that connector when I was installing the cathodes...

Also, the new dual-core machines have the antennas built into the back, it's that long gray strip running vertically.

Finally, I would rather not have Bluetooth than have an external module (even a tiny one) for many reasons. This is why I thank you for the guide.
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/21/05 04:07 AM

TCP, the only thing wrong with those usb bluetooth dongles is that most don't support 1.2 on the mac platform. I know the one I had worked fine, but it was 1.1. The apple firmware updater won't work, and the one from the manufacturer didn't support the mac platform. So, I just scrapped the search and bought the apple BT internal one. I paid 30 bucks shipped for it. So, it didn't seem too bad. The antenna is now the issue, but the paperclip is working nice :evil:

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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/21/05 08:01 AM

All right, some news. First, the connector that I saw while installing the cathodes was for the internal modem (go figure, you can't even buy one for these G5s). This makes the BT connector MIA. I did find out why though: Apple doesn't solder the BT connector onto your motherboard if you don't buy the module from them. All the mounting posts are there, even the contacts for the module, just not the connector. Oh well, I didn't really need Bluetooth anyway, I'll just save up for the AirPort card instead.

Oh, and if you're really desperate, Smalldog will install a module for you, the catch being it costs $100 and you have to send them your G5.
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/21/05 08:12 AM

WOW, I can't believe that they are doing that now. That connector couldn't cost more than a handful of change, I guess this is their way of conning people into paying for overpriced upgrades :evil:
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Re:Add Bluetooth Module - 11/21/05 09:43 AM

Put it this way, if they see people spending 300 bucks for 1GB of memory and 200 to 400 on a CPU upgrade then why not lol.