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SawSmurf? - 11/02/05 06:13 PM

I got a sawtooth mainboard and processor, and installed it in my Blue&white. Got out the multimeter and made an adaptakit for the front panel. Ok powers on, no video no hard drive activity and no "bong". I am using a pci video card as I haven't got the agp I ordered yet. Tried without front panel, same thing powers up, little red led on board lights. Case fan runs and led on case works. Tried swapping drives around ect. removed all but one 64mb pc100 ram stick, removed video card,...tried no drives to see if I could get "bong" no dice..AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!
Bad board?????????? :angry: sick frown
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Re:SawSmurf? - 11/03/05 04:32 AM

It probly wants AGP video. Knowing how apple can be a pain some times I bet they made the ROM to use the AGP as the primary bus for video instead of it scaning though the buses. If you can get a hold of a AGP video card then you can make sure it's not a dead logicboard. If it keeps doing the freak out when you use a AGP then you might have a bad logicboard.
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Re:SawSmurf? - 11/03/05 10:04 AM

Sounds like the processor rather than the MB to me. I would be interested in how you wired the front panel, once you have it working. Try the manual reset, Hold down the little reset button on the MB for like 30-60 seconds and then try to boot it.
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Sounds like the processor rather than the MB to me

Humm...any one got a processor they can loan? Or I could get one off ebay, if only I was sure... :unsure:

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Re:SawSmurf? - 11/03/05 10:14 AM

Oh and I'll post the "adapta-kit" I made for the front panel as soon as I can get some pics...
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Re:SawSmurf? - 11/03/05 05:25 PM

Check out 'Clearance'. Can't beat $13 bucks for a processor to test with. I had the same problem, but it turned-out to be the MB.

good luck
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Re:SawSmurf? - 11/03/05 05:58 PM

You are the man! Thanks for the link. I'll try it. :woohoo:
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Re:SawSmurf? - 11/16/05 04:23 PM

Ok I got a new processor, and an AGP video card...Still nothin' sick
No video, no Hard Drive activity. Just the red light on the mainboard and the fans. The power button works and I can turn on by keyboard but thats it.
Hey modyourmac, any ideas? is this a dead board? help! frown
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Re:SawSmurf? - 11/17/05 04:31 AM

It's a dead board. Pretty much the same thing happens with a PC's dead motherboard. Lights are on but on ones home, or hearing a lot of beep error codes lol.