GB G4 cpu in sawtooth

Posted by: maestro

GB G4 cpu in sawtooth - 10/30/05 06:18 PM

So, the MacMod inspired server is postponed once again. For good reason, I got a sawtooth board and cpu. I do want to upgrade it to a GB dual 450 cpu though. I have been searching for info on it and every one leads to a dead end. Anyone try this or know so info about it?
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Re:GB G4 cpu in sawtooth - 10/30/05 06:57 PM

My dad orignally had a dual 450 MHz processor in his Sawtooth, then upgraded to single 1.5 GHz from FastMac through We Fix Macs. Considering that We Fix Macs handles a lot of stuff like this, they might sell ripped-out boards and processors still in good condition. Try The only other feasable option would be to go directly to Apple, and they'll charge you a fortune.
Posted by: maestro

Re:GB G4 cpu in sawtooth - 10/30/05 07:25 PM

Im not worried about finding one, but instead in how to get it to work.