ATX PS for 9600

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ATX PS for 9600 - 10/28/05 10:47 PM

As many of you know, my current project is my 9600/200. I'm doing some pretty heavy modifications. When it is finished, it will arguably be the fastest pre-G3 Macintosh in existence. The current PS is 350ónot enough for my plans. Here are the current/future specs:

Powerforce 750GX 1.0Ghz G3 (OC @ 1.3Ghz) OR
Crescendo PCI 800Mhz G4 (OC @ 1 Ghz)
Hard Drives:
SCSI 30 gig
ATA 10k 40 gig
ATA 7200 40 gig
1.5 Gigs
Radeon 9200 PCI
Radeon 7000 or similar
Fans w/ fan controller
Some internal/external water cooling system (yet to be determined)

There are a lot of other little things, but this gives you a decent picture. I'm aware that there are many different types of water cooling systems out there and that's a pretty big variable in deciding wattage, but at the moment I simply haven't decided what to use. I'll have a better idea once I decide on the processor and I get my case in.

I'll probably be using an ATX PS (fun with conversions!). Any suggestions as wattage and brand?

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Re:ATX PS for 9600 - 10/28/05 11:55 PM

I remembered this from a while back, hope it helps:

Sure, it's overkill, but so are the rest of your specs!