Dome Imac fan question

Posted by: Neuros

Dome Imac fan question - 10/23/05 10:30 PM

So i've got a friend who just bought an imac from another friend, friend #2 cant find the OSX disc, so i've got it atm to get it formated and situated..while i was rootin' around the inside, i found it to be really friggin dusty and and small inside frown..
So i told him that he could have the fan replaced with an LED fan, i've seen it online once but cant find it now, what size is the fan? (80,92, 120) Im thinkin 92-120, but dont want to pull apart the mac too many times..
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Re:Dome Imac fan question - 10/23/05 10:39 PM

As long as they haven't changed the fans since the 800MHz its either a 92mm or a 90mm. I can get you more exact measurments when i open it up to work on rev 2. I'm not quite sure when i'll get to that though whistle
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Re:Dome Imac fan question - 10/23/05 10:54 PM

kthnkx, and on a similar note, how easy is it to replace the cdrw with a combo drive?
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Re:Dome Imac fan question - 10/23/05 11:43 PM

The replacement of a drive is not too difficult. Directions >

OWC has some cheap drives BTW

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