ATA PCI Card for Blue&White?

Posted by: anil8tor

ATA PCI Card for Blue&White? - 09/29/05 06:23 PM

Hi, Does any one know a source for a pci ata card at a reasonable price? Even on ebay they seem to be horribly expensive. On my budget I can't justify paying more for the card than my secondhand Blue & White cost. However I do want to add some Hds and maybe a CD burner. Oh by the way, its a rev 1, hence the need B)
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Re:ATA PCI Card for Blue&White? - 09/29/05 06:38 PM

Well I just got one on eBay for $16.00. Its a Sonnet ata -66. Baucom has one for like 40 bucks. Be patient and keep your eyes open and you will find one. Ive got my fingers crossed for you.

Hey! I just saw one on eBay going for 0.06. Its an ata33 with four channels. Its probably not as fast as you wanted but it will go for cheap.

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Re:ATA PCI Card for Blue&White? - 09/29/05 06:42 PM

Yeh, I've done the ebay search several times, and I'm no noob on ebay. Every time I get close to one they go for at least twice what you paid. Have a bid on one now...five days to be out-bid though frown

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