How Do U Power Fans

Posted by: BrainMan

How Do U Power Fans - 09/18/05 05:18 AM

Let's say I get a new fan for my CPU. No problem because the processor already has a fan and a place to plug it. I think I have two unused 4 prong power plugs still available. I can use those if the fans I get have four prong plugs. But with all the fans that folks are suggesting that I add for my G4 it seems to me I'll run out of power sources. I'm sure there are power spliters, I saw one on Zalmans site. Are there any rules about when and where to use them. Do you add up the Fan's voltage and devide by your hat size?

Also I assume a Fan Controller is to control fans. Duh. But why do I need one? And where would I find a PCI fan controller, like Maestro suggested?
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Re:How Do U Power Fans - 09/18/05 07:07 AM

Most fans are 3 prong. You can always wire them up to a extra Molex drive connector.
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Re:How Do U Power Fans - 09/18/05 08:14 AM

You can find three connector to atx power plugs at any pc hardware site, of course I suggest A pci fan controller (if you get one) will probably have all the connections you need. The fan controller lets you adjust fan speed. At 12v most fans are very loud. You can adjust it for the best noise/cooling ratio.

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