iMac DV mod won't start-- no lights, nothing!

Posted by: oeo

iMac DV mod won't start-- no lights, nothing! - 08/27/05 01:57 PM

latest iMac mod won't start.. No lights. Took the 'working' machine to local macheads shop. They discharged the CRT. I took it apart, put the headless iMac back together and won't start. I double-checked all my connections. I'm still using the Apple power supply. Should I have removed the logic board before having the CRT discharged??

only wires not connected:

main black line to the CRT (suction cup) and the 2 red wires that also went to the CRT.

Posted by: oeo

Re:iMac DV mod won\'t start-- no lights, nothing! - 08/29/05 11:42 AM

(thinking outloud and answering my own question) ... I'm assuming it's the original iMac's own power supply that's the cause... Either it's not hooked up correctly or the discharge fried the board?? I'll look into an ATX power supply mod to see if that fixes the problem...(down the road)

onto the next mod...

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