Reuse eMac PS without CRT? (Headless eMac)

Posted by: alagahd

Reuse eMac PS without CRT? (Headless eMac) - 08/09/05 12:17 AM

I have an eMac 700 with a dead CRT. Is it possible to use the Power Supply without the CRT? Would I have to remove the Flyback Transformer from the Power Supply? Would I have to remove anything else?

I am planning on either building a VGA connector for the video out socket on the motherboard or just using the external Mini-VGA port and an adapter for video.

My interest in using the original PS is to not put too much strain on the Logic Board and Down Converter by using an ATX power supply which wouldn't provide the 20V that the PS provides. Should this be a concern?

Posted by: shadowmoses

Re:Reuse eMac PS without CRT? (Headless eMac) - 08/13/05 04:03 AM

Check that out for a guide
Posted by: FIXM

Re:Reuse eMac PS without CRT? (Headless eMac) - 08/16/05 07:41 PM

Be sure to look at my upcoming contest mod for LCD replacement of the CRT on a G3 iMac. I'll be posting the mod in a few days. I'm not sure if the power supply situation is exactly similar, but there are different ways of addressing the 20 V thing. On the iMac I found that it was adequate to supply +15V to it because +15V is more than adequate for powering FireWire ports by tech specs.. most FireWire products only need 12V. The iMac has a particular problem though of not having a -15V supply (if memory serves) that it needs for balancing the other half of the op amps used for driving the audio circuitry. +30V could be used to obtain -15V by centertapping a transformer with floating common to output + and - 15 each side, but for some reason I recall, it didn't work, so i wasn't able to solve the audio problem just yet.