ARGH! My Lombard G3 Has Teh Green Light Of Death!

Posted by: Antonio

ARGH! My Lombard G3 Has Teh Green Light Of Death! - 07/31/05 06:17 PM

Haha, well, it's probably my fault :P

I found a great Lombard, complete with 5400rpm 80gig drive, working pristinely, for $180.

After setting the bus to 83mhz, and swapping out a RAM DIMM ( a 512mb DIMM into the top socket ), all the machine would give me is the GLOD ( green light o' death ).

SO, I set the resistors on the daughtercard back to the 66mhz setting, tossed in the original RAM, and hit reset... only to see the GLOD again.
I double-checked the resistors with a multimeter to ensure they were good.

Pressing the power button does nothing. Pressing the reset button in the I/O area gives me the GLOD, which blinks once before turning off when I hit the reset a second time.

Now, I could replace the CPU, but I'm not certain that's what went wrong ( though I have a good idea, lol ), or even if it's permanent. I've used and repaired Pismos and Wallstreets, so this is my first Lombard, and I hear they can be temperamental, though I suspect this one had no issues until I tweaked it.

With a new CPU, I'm likely to try another, albeit less risky mod, but I want it to run, and properly, for the time being. I remember 2400's having similar issues, where a GLOD could be caused by any number of things.

What I'd like to know is what other Lombard owners have in terms of experience. Could the PMU have bitten the dust?
Is there some Lombard Tiki Voodoo dance I need to do?

BTW, the CPU gets warm while the light glows.
Thanks in advance.

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Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:ARGH! My Lombard G3 Has Teh Green Light Of Deat - 07/31/05 06:46 PM

have you tried pulling the battery out to make sure that all setting have been reset? It sounds like you could have a fried processor, but thats a though call. I would at least try replacing it with a new one if possible.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:ARGH! My Lombard G3 Has Teh Green Light Of Deat - 07/31/05 07:17 PM

As for oojacoboo's suggestion, a full logic board reset which includes removing the clock battery and the regular battery should be done. They typically take little bit once all of the power is removed, like 10 minutes. It occurs in less time, but such things should not be rushed.

You have probably done this or you would not have posted, though you never know.

If that does/did not work, then it's most likely the processor as you suspect. There is no Tiki dance that I know of to resurrect the card that you have not already tried. The only other thing I can think of is to check all of the traces on the logic board itself. Something else could have fried and you may not be aware.

'Tis a sad fate.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:ARGH! My Lombard G3 Has Teh Green Light Of Deat - 07/31/05 10:30 PM

You can leave out the 512MB stick. Lombard will read it as 256MB if you're lucky. Or it will just crash.
Take all the RAM out and see if it beeps at you.
Posted by: Antonio

Re:ARGH! My Lombard G3 Has Teh Green Light Of Deat - 08/01/05 05:23 AM

As for the RAM removal, yeah, tried that, no beep, just the GLOD.

I even disassembled and reassembled the entire unit.

I did remove all power, but not for any period of time, as suggested, so I'll try that.
I'll be at work all afternoon, anyhow, so it can sit at home with the AC and batteries removed.