Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac

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Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 07:52 AM

I have gone though two iMacs in two weeks. The frist one was a G3 350MHz slot load system.
I killed it after upgrading it. The monitor started displaying werid colors and then died. I got another iMac but the older Rev A system that has a tray-load. The CD-ROM goes nuts when I use a burned CD. I cracked open the iMac Rev-A and noticed it uses a diffrent setup for the CD-ROM. I did some research and found out you can have two drives on the harddrive's IDE but you need a extra power supply and a real long IDE cable and run the device externaly.
Since the newer iMacs use the same connections for the CD-ROM and harddrive I was planing to copy the part from the iPC mod for the CD-ROM but ofcorse it will be external. I can't seem to find the points to sodier the +5V and the Ground to the CD-ROM. If I can get this working i'll try this to a 4x DVD Drive that I pulled from another iMac a while back. I may also
make a mod that has several drives connected to the system. Like for a example a external box that will have a old 250watt AT power supply, 40GB drive for backing up, DVD drive and also a older 100MB internal Zip Drive. I can have all of them connect to the same IDE controller but can't run them at the same time. I will only beable to power one at a time. but if I want to use say the zip drive but the DVD drive is on I will have to reboot the system and quickly flip a switch to turn off the zip and turn on the DVD.

I know this may sound confusing or lame but it gives me something to do.

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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 09:03 AM

Ahh, the joys of computing and modding. I would start by letting go some of that hardware
you have. Get yourself a jumpdrive for exchanging files and get a combo drive. The slot load
combo drive will work. You will need to modfiy the facia of the iMac, but with some thought
it is doable without making a mess. Skip the multiple drive set up and settle on that. That will
give you the tools you need of the less hassle and probably work better too. Good luck.

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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 09:16 AM

Well I got it to work after looking at the iPC pics for the sodier points. Right now I have the 24x slot-load hooked up. Now i'm going to try it with the DVD drive and install MacOS 9.1 and try watching a DVD.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 09:20 AM

Good for you man. Keep us updated. Maybe you could make a mod guide. They are so
valuable to our users. A lot of people are using low end mac like yourself so it would get lots
of use.


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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 09:49 AM

Im with maestro on this def do a mod guide, I love diggin' around inside my iMac! :P
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 01:42 PM

Well the DVD drive works also. I'm having a hardtime with this. the setup im using doesn't let me beable to use the stock tray-load CD-ROM and for some reason it won't let me boot from the DVD Drive.

After I get this all done and overwith i'll make a guide with pics and sources.

Anyone know where I can find some SO-DIMM PC100 or PC66 128MB or higher for a real cheap price? This way I can install Mac OS X on it. Right now I only have 64MB of ram in the iMac and runs a bit slow with Mac OS 8.6.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 02:16 PM

I have found something out. the tray-load CD and the Hard drive share off the same IDE controller. I modifyed the casing some so the ribbon cable came out the side that gave me back the space for the tray-load cd-rom. I had the DVD and the tray-load hooked up and the system would hang when I turned it on. I disconnected the DVD and it booted up fine.

I should pull out the tray-load and find a way to make the DVD bootable or the 24x slot-load CD-ROM. It's probly a jummper issue on the drives. I should set the CD-ROM to master and set the hard drive to cable select.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 02:18 PM

sounds good. Don't forget to take pics so you can make a mod guide
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 02:23 PM

Be carefull of the ram you buy...I got a good deal on a SO-DIMM PC100 but the iMac didn't like it. I took it to work and tried it on a wintel laptop and it was fine. I dont remember the brand though... :blink:
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/27/05 07:58 PM

I will take Pictures when i'm done with the mod. When I make the pictures i'll take the iMac apart and show peice by peice of the mod. Heck I might make a video instead that way it can be a bit easyer and also maybe with some pictures to help on the harder bits.

It's still early so we shall see. I've been planing to start a website for my mods anyway. Sadly they're mostly PC mods.

Anyway, i'm still fighting the iMac to work correctly. I should of never installed that frimware update.Since the update the system hangs alot.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/28/05 09:09 AM

Ok, I have found out some things. I was wrong about the tray-load CD-ROM IDE was part of the hard drive IDE connections. They're diffrent. Also I found out my hard drive I had in it had a bad sector so I replaced it with the 40GB drive I had in the other iMac.

I took out the tray-load and DVD and placed in the slot-load 24x CD-ROM. I got it to boot from CD.The CD-ROM is set to master and the harddrive is set on cable-select For some reason my MacOS 9 CD isn't bootable. I think it's because of a massive scrach on it. Right now i'm using my iMac system restore CD to put Mac OS 8.6 on then i'll install Mac OS 9 over it.

After I finaly get Mac OS 9 installed I will put the DVD back on and test it. I think the DVD Drive might be bad. If it is and since it will be external I will try out my internal Iomega ZIP-CD 650 drive that from I was told is Apple compatable. It can play DVDs aswell. I have started on the fabrcation for a small case to hold the AT power supply and the drives im going to use. Maybe in the furture i'll do the iMac ATX case mod or even build my own small like case like I have done in the past with a ITX system.

I'm going to do as much modding to this iMac as I can. I've been looking at the Floppy drive mod. Not sure if my iMac can hold one or not. If not then i';; just get a USB Floppy or something.

I ordered two sticks of 128MBs for the iMac. I heard a rumor that it can hold infact 384MBs of ram, at the time there was only 128MB simms out when the iMac came out. Never know. Anyway i've seen a few CPU upgrades for this iMac also so when the prices go down i'll order one.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/28/05 10:08 AM

Can you do something like that? They also have a $149 slot load combo drive if you didn't need the burning capability.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/28/05 01:48 PM

Your machine can hold a lot more than you think. I've stuck the max ammount in a customers machine and it flew. It's worth maxing it out.

iMac Maximum RAM Guide:

Original G3 iMacs = 512mb
iMac DV's & SE's = 1gb
Flatpanel G4iMac = 1gb
G4 1ghz+ Flatpanel iMac = 2gb
G5 iMac = 2gb

/Figured I would stick this here if anyone needed a reference guide for later, especially people who search the forums for info
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/28/05 01:53 PM

I think you should stop and take a breath for a second. Is this computer worth all the potetnial
expense. I dont want to be the one saying dont mod it, but make sure you take cost/use/time
into consideration. Do you need an all in one? What do you want to do with it? What is it
actuallly capable of? You never know, you may decide that you need a dfiferent starting point.
Ive had some macs fall into my lap before and came up with some great ideas. BUT, after much
thought it just wasnt worth it. I still have one of them, but each day it becomes less and less
useful. Just some thoughts.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/28/05 02:06 PM

I'm modding this because im a modder, I mod anything I can get a hold of lol. Thing is I can always turn this iMac into a tower/desktop based system instead of a all-in-one. I've only spent in all 50 bucks on this project. All of the other parts i've had from other systems have been eather tossed out or given to me. If I can give this more ram and a faster CPU then I don;t need to go out and spend a arm and a leg for a brandnew mac that I will end up ingoreing after some time.

After I complete this mod and share to you all the guide im making for it I will probly gut the other iMac and build a iPC or something.

I would buy another Apple but people want way too much for a classed out system. If it's under 500MHz it's not worth 100 bucks. Ofcorse this is comming from someone that deals with PCs then with Macs.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/28/05 03:55 PM

Heres a quick draft I made for the guide. The pictures are curde but gives better detail at the moment. I found a way to make it internal but havn't tryed it yet.


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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/28/05 10:46 PM

it timed out.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/29/05 12:43 PM

Yea, sorry about that. I turned off my server lastnight due to it heating up my office. my A/C went out again. but it's all sorted out again.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/29/05 12:48 PM

.bmp? hmmmm..... :huh:
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/29/05 12:59 PM

Yea, I used my PC and didn't feel like playing with gimp or paintshop. Like I said it's only a short draft. When I re do it i'll convert the pictures to PNG or something.
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/30/05 05:42 AM

Tray loaders (like Lombard PowerBooks) are fussy about RAM if you want to run OS X.
I don't think your idea of running an external hard drive with a separate PSU will be all that straightforward. I tried running a machine from one supply and its drives from another once. It didn't even nearly work. I think it has something to do with the phase. The two PSUs must be in phase or something....
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Re:Slot-Load DVD in Tray-Load iMac - 07/30/05 03:52 PM

It works for me. The power supply I have here came from one of thoughs werid IBM systems that only powers up the drives when it gets a siginal from the IDE. Kinda hard to explain. Hit the power switch on the AT power supply and nothing powers up, not even the fan in the power supply untill I turn on the iMac. I think somehow the iMac jumpstarts the power supply though the IDE channel, since after all I think 2 volts run though the IDE. Like I said I really can't explain it, it just works. Right now i'm trying the internal slot-load idea I though of when writing the short draft of my mod guide. I think I can squezze 5 volts from the iMac power supply with out overloading it.