1gb ram stick?

Posted by: maestro

1gb ram stick? - 07/17/05 01:47 PM

I am thinking of getting more ram for my mdd g4. I see best buy has 1gb 2700 sticks for 89!
So now im wondering, will that work? Now I have 4x256 and dont want to leave all of that ram
without a home.
Posted by: riscx

Re:1gb ram stick? - 07/17/05 03:30 PM

Heya maestro, I would try ebay, look at this link:


so, for $70, (including shipping!), you can get some CAS 2.5 RAM with warranty. Not too shabby, just FYI most Macs like CAS 3 speed RAM, lil slower but more compatible, I have some CAS 2.5 in my G5 and it screams ;-)

Typically most popular Mac stores sell G4/G5 compatible 1GB CAS 3 RAM sticks for around $125 so you can pick up 2 sticks = 2GB on ebay for almost the same price . . .

Wherever you do end up purchasing it just make sure there is an adequate return/refund policy, I have know some Mac stores to sell incompatible Mac RAM too so protect yer-self wherever you buy it from.

Hope this helps,
Posted by: maestro

Re:1gb ram stick? - 07/17/05 04:34 PM

I am still not sure if a 1 GB stick will work. Apple's site says no, but I dont think those even
existed yet. Hmmm. Anyone ever tried a 1gb stick in an mdd (167bus)?
Posted by: riscx

Re:1gb ram stick? - 07/17/05 04:58 PM

1GB sticks for 1GHz + MDD G4 mac systems:

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:1gb ram stick? - 07/17/05 05:32 PM

I thought the G4 could only address 2GB total? I guess it might work if you don't exceed that (unless you have a dual proc). I wouldn't be surprised if it has trouble dealing with a 1GB stick though. Mactracker says 2GB is the limit, and I'd be surprised if no-one has tried this already.
Posted by: maestro

Re:1gb ram stick? - 07/17/05 06:50 PM

Hmm, it seems they think it may work. I dont want to go above 2gb, i just want to pull one
256 stick and replace it with a 1gb stick. I would like to know if someone has tried it. i may
just be the first to try it and post it up. If it doesnt work, ill just return it.